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Wilton ChurchThe town of Wilton, Minnesota was organized as a village on May 16, 1906. The first Catholic masses in Wilton were held twice a month in the Brennan home and presided over by Father Phillipe.

Sacred Heart Church Wilton was incorporated in 1914 and the original church was built that same year. The first mass was celebrated in 1915. In the early years, mass was held only once a month, presided over by a priest from St. Philip’s parish in Bemidji.


Aisle1936 - Father Ketter became the first resident priest and Sacred Heart’s famous Fall Dinner first began in the parish house. The Fall Dinner is still held every 3rd Sunday in September.

1946 - The old parish hall was built and the first Fall Dinner was held in the parish hall.

1947 - The first Sunday of the Month was designated as Pot Luck Sunday—a tradition that continues to this very day.

1950 - New pews were hauled from Grove, MN. The statues which still grace the church were painted that same year.

Sacred Heart1965 - Father Bill Mehrkens started the first Sunday School at Sacred Heart.

1976 - 12 people were confirmed by Bishop Victor Balke.

1977 - The church purchased a used Lowry organ.

1980 - 3 Sisters set up residence in the parish house.

1983 - The Sisters left Sacred Heart and the house was auctioned and removed from the church property.

Sacred Heart1984 - Under Father Nistler, the first Seder Meal was held on Holy Thursday.

1985 - A youth group for grades 6-12 began.

1988 - Confirmation was held for the first time in 13 years.

1998 - With the old church structure crumbling, Sacred Heart received permission from the Diocese of Crookston to build a new church.

Mortgage BurningJuly 11, 1999 - The last mass at the old church was held. Demolition began the following week. Not one parishioner was lost as a result of the planned construction. Mass was held in the old parish hall while awaiting completion of the new church. While a contractor was hired, parishioners and their families did much of the finish work and many families pledged money and sacrificed their time and talents to build the present church.

2002 - The church mortgage was paid in full and a mortgage burning ceremony was held just three years after construction. Over the next five years, a car port, dividing wall and flooring was installed, completing the building project.

2015 - Sacred Heart Church of Wilton celebrated its Centennial on August 23, 2015.


The current Sacred Heart Church Wilton is the spiritual home of approximately 65 families and welcomes all snowbirds and summer residents, as well as permanent residents.

Sacred Heart Church Wilton


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